Ethereal Acorns

Inspired by nature, handmade with care

May you always have an acorn in your pocket and pine needles in your shoe.


Hello! My name is Martha Loomis and I am the creator of Ethereal Acorns. I’ve always had a passion for both the arts and nature. I grew up in Northern Michigan spending most of my time outdoors. I remember from a young age I loved collecting different rocks and objects I would find on hikes. When the fall came my grandfather would have me pick up all the acorns in his yard, for there were hundreds. Something about the acorn really resonated with me then and has stuck with me. Seven years ago, I moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan to continue my education at Kendall College of Art and Design in pursuit of a career in the arts. From the very beginning, I absolutely fell in love with Grand Rapids. The distinctive and supportive community of artists I have come to know as family have continued to encourage my own aspirations and creativity.  Since completing my education, I’ve become a contributor to this fantastic environment. Ultimately, by combing my love for art and nature, Ethereal Acorns was born. I am now located in the Detroit area and excited to continue sharing my love of nature and art with others.

100% Handmade

What makes ethereal acorns so special is that each and every one is completely handmade. The process begins with finding the materials. Every acorn cap is handpicked off the ground. Hours are spent collecting these caps and, like snowflakes, there are no two alike. Most of the stones are handpicked, with many stones found here in Michigan. The stones are then carefully fit into the right sized cap and finding the right fit takes time. Once pieced together the acorns are hand dipped in a protective coat. This isn't your typical jewelry, but jewelry that tells a story of where it came from and the process of how it was made.